A New Newsletter

Introducing Reading Landscapes

Introducing Reading Landscapes

Why have we created a newsletter?

This newsletter is born out of a desire to get more people thinking about their landscapes.

Our mission has always been to build and restore resilient landscapes whilst empowering people with an understanding of Natural Sequence Farming and landscape function.

To further progress this knowledge, we want to make the information more accessible to a larger audience, and we feel a digital newsletter is a great way to do just that! It provides an easy and simple way to share some of our most important concepts with everyone, no matter where you’re located or what you do.

Every month, you can have a new piece of information arrive in your inbox.

How the newsletter will run

The Reading Landscapes newsletter will be a monthly newsletter arriving in your inbox on the first Monday of every month.

It will be split into five parts;

🔎 Looking at the Landscape

Every month, we will look at a photo of a landscape and discuss some of the key patterns and processes that can be seen in the landscape. This will provide you with a general overview of some of the key features in our landscapes and what you can start to look for yourselves.

🌳 Learning from Plants

Every month, we will look at a different plant and discuss;

  • Where does it fit in our succession?

  • What it’s telling us about the landscape and how to manage that

  • And how to make the most of its growth

🙋 Answering your Questions

Every month, we will answer a question that an audience member has submitted to us. This gives you the opportunity to ask the questions you’d like answered.

🧩 Trivia Time

For a little fun, we will drop a landscape-related trivia question in every edition for you to have a go at answering.

📚 What We’ve Been Learning

Finally, we will share some things that we’ve enjoyed learning from over the past month. This will include a wide range of things that we were intrigued by and thought worthy of sharing with our community.

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